Global Management & Certification is a Group of highly qualified service provider company in INDIA. We are completely supported through charges that we make for the administrations that we convey , and certify the management systems, Without bias, discrimination or prejudice.
GMC Plays out all appraisal and enlistment administrations with the backing of devoted and encountered Examiner’s conformance to the tenets of the accreditation as indicated by ISO standard. It is resolved to give break even with chance to every one of the candidates with most noteworthy respect to straightforwardness. Respectability and privacy.
Without compromise, we will push our role to the limit and ensure that you are not only see the competitive advantages of certification, but also the increase of operational efficiency that improve documentation, fewer customer complaints, and greater employee awareness. Certification tells your clients and potential clients a like that you achieve this. ISO 9001:2015 is an international benchmarks, GMC certification gives you credibility at all levels worldwide.